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The Go 2 Group exists so that local small business owners, sales professionals, and business leaders in our community can meet and develop relationships with one another to help grow their businesses. We strive to maintain a good balance between structure and flexibility. Unlike many networking groups, we do not have strict attendence policies, mandatory referral quotas, or high membership fees. The reasons we don't have these things are simple:
  • The value of the group encourages attendance - people don't want to miss out!
  • Our group is consistently growing and referrals happen naturally - we don't need to require quotas!
  • Our costs are low - we don't need to charge high fees because nobody profits directly from the group itself!
Here are the guidelines for the Go 2 Group:
  • We only accept one member per profession (i.e. 1 plumber, 1 flower shop, 1 exterminator, etc).
  • We require each member to not miss more than three meetings in each calendar quarter to maintain their spot in the group.
  • There is a small, $40 annual fee to pay for supplies, special events and web site maintenance.
Please check out our Members Area to see if your industry is represented. If you don't see your industry, please visit our next meeting. We would love to meet you!
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